It crawls inside when you least notice
A slithering invisible stain of grease
It spreads through your mind at ease
Slowly gradually extending its roots
Just a nagging doubt, it questions
And therein begins your descent again
You cannot ignore it, you cannot avoid
Pacing in the room, you are trapped in your mind
You get irritable and everything seems louder
Somehow you blame it on the noises
But you know better, it has got nothing to do with that
Just a persisting question pokes around
How long until this tiny streak of light dissolves?
How long will I be left amid the darkness this time?
Is there really no way to stop it from blowing out?
Is there nothing I can do to hold this fist of sand?
And with the doubts, more sand runs loose
From within the creases of your fingers
Time keeps slipping and you know you lost
Once again, to the cycle that would repeat
Alone in the dark, you would wait until
The tiny candle appears for another night
Another day, maybe this time it will last
Wish upon wish, you forget when you stopped
Waiting for what never really came to be
And just hoped out of habit, routine, nothing else.

32 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Reblogged this on Time Traveler on the road of Life and commented:
    Thought-provoking! I feel like you are peeking in my mind when I have those sleepless nights when I can’t make my mind stop bringing up things I would rather not see.

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