I find beauty in chaos, and yet, I thrive in the silence of solitude.

I could be like the pebble on the shore, surrounded by millions of invisible sand particles, submerged under the sea or swept by the wind and sky over me but despite all that, I’m quite solitary. Perhaps, with every passing breeze my ideas shift and so does my identity. I live in a state of perpetual transition. Constantly changing.

Just a random soap bubble floating in the air and attempting to reflect the world around me, upside down.

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    • Thanks for remembering to revisit! I wouldnt promise anything right now.. but hopefully soon I’ll be able to visit your blog too 🙂


  1. So here we are and this is a good moment to be in touch with you! It is the last day of 2015, and so allow me to ask our good Lord to bless you in 2016 with all that is beautiful, pure and holy, all that is healthy and good for your life! Avery Happy New Year to you, my friend!

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  2. Hey! Love your work. Just wanted to invite you to submit to Radiate Literary if you’re a young writer. We’d love to feature one of your pieces. 🙂

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  3. A great blog, Shruba. I love the name you have given it and the tagline, and the fact that you are a “random soap bubble floating in the air and attempting to reflect the world around me, upside down.” I do think I’ll pass though, if you have any posts of your 3 AM singing sessions. Unless they involve only you playing your ukelele, that would be OK … I’ll be back to your blog again soon …

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  4. Hi, just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Awards. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you this way, by the way. I’ve (hopefully) added a link below for you to check out my post. I enjoy your work, keep writing!
    PS. The link ain’t working, sorry.

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  5. That’s a lovely About. I loved the metaphors with the pebble stones and sand, bringing science into our social wackiness. My second favorite image is that we are just mirrors in our world, reflecting the whereabouts, then when you realize it and start to look for more, you will find yourself in a vast but empty world of solitude.

    I love your sophisticated word usage, and discovering your inside world is even better than discovering mine. :3

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  6. Even your About page is beautifully written. You’re so talented! I hope your writing takes you super far (it already has, I’m sure). You’re doing awesome, keep it up! And thank you for actually being such a sweet, kind blogger 🤗♥♥♥

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  7. The silence
    want ours
    whole loneliness

    we are growing
    in us
    from the
    Original state
    of space

    in the warmth
    of your own

    All that
    World is
    in us

    we are
    Being a transition
    that us
    through our
    Life in all

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    • Thanks for the sweet words! It means a lot. I have been a little busy and not able to write much recently. But I’ll be back soon, just taking a break to gather my thoughts and come up with a new set of poems. Hopefully you all would appreciate it just as much 😊🥺


    • I know right. I might have just forgotten to add a toss of spontaneity, but then again that is the fruit of random chaos, isn’t it? 💜


    • Aw sure, I would love to. (Although I’m notorious for falling behind on replies because I keep thinking of sitting with it properly to reply sincerely and then I never get enough time or end up procrastinating. So you’ll have to be patient) or we can connect on facebook messenger, I know chats are hardly pen pall stuff but it is faster. You can decide lol. Here’s the email id, shrubaboti.bose@gmail.com 🙈😂😅


    • Aww thanks for checking it out! I’m quite excited to get to know you. Would love to see your posts on SpillWords too! Feel free to share links in this thread! 😊😊


      • Hi Shurba. I will check your Spillwords out too. Ya know I am new to computer stuff how and what is sharing a link?? –a secret I’m an elder who looks and feels young but don’t own a TV and almost computer illiterate. I’m trying WordPress forces me to learn.

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      • No problem! That’s alright. Whenever you post something on Spillwords, there would be an option to share it on your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, etc and another option is to copy the link that’s the URL of the post. For instance, when you open a Google browser, the url or link for that is https://www.google.com
        All you have to do is copy that link and paste it on your email or message wherever you want to send.

        But if you share your posts on your blog then you don’t have to copy links, because I’ll check your blog myself! 😊💜


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