Book Release – Unvanquished

Book Cover for 'Unvanquished', a faceless girl with a bandaged head symbolizing the universal nature of student protests.
Unvanquished – Shrubaboti Bose

I’m really excited to announce the official release of my first published book, Unvanquished. It took me quite a few months to finally be able to share this small book with my dearest friends and the whole blogging community here, but I sincerely hope you all would enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

It was inspired by a real life event, incidents of police brutality against students, that took place in various universities across India (and still takes place in other parts of the world), including my own campus, much of which was also highlighted in my passionate outburst of a poem titled, September 19 (which I encourage everyone to read, if you haven’t before). However, I must admit, the story portrayed in this book is completely fictional.

I would be extremely pleased to read your insights, honest feedback, criticisms, personal opinions, and other comments about it down below. As you all are aware, I tend to respond to each and every single comment left behind on my posts, so please do not hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts with me. It would be an added pleasure and surprise if any of you would be so kind as to leave a review on Amazon, and in case, you are on Goodreads, I hope to see you there! I have already received a few reviews from my supportive team mates in the author community and my wonderful friend Christina from twitter, to whom I owe my deepest gratitude. Without further ado, I’ll urge you all to go check it out. Lastly, thank you so much for the constant support everyone, this would have never seen the light of day without you guys.

In addition, I would like to share a short author interview that one of my dearest friends from Twitter had invited me to be a part of and had hosted on their blog recently. If any of you are interested to check it out while also discovering some other indie authors like me that I think deserve more attention, please head on to Callum’s blog here. Thanks! 💜

another afternoon lost

Afternoons are long, desolate hours
Reminding of another failed attempt,
At preserving leftover memories, scattered
In the breeze, stark against the sunlight.
Like a noose tied around the neck,
Tight and unyielding, time flows slowly.
Yet again, an afternoon begins, repeating
Steadily the loss of today, until tonight
Weaves in again, finally putting to sleep
The mind that cries in despair, darkness prevails.

This poem has been previously published on Elephant Journal.

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Sound of Silence

At night when the city sleeps, finally quiet,
Leaves rustle softly, silhouettes swaying,
Whispering stories in strange tongues.

Perched on my window sill, still alien,
Their words remain, incoherent sounds,
Distinctly pronounced, carried by the wind.

Far in between, the cold breeze drifts in,
My toes involuntarily curl, mildly submitting,
Seeking warmth in the crook of my knees.

A late night drizzle, scattered away many twigs,
Here and there, brown, dark, they lay damp,
Resting on the soil, blossoms shed prematurely.

Underneath the lamp post, a stray cat lurked,
Twinkling eyes gazed up at me for a split second,
Before turning, swishing tail and vanishing.

Somewhere, in the distance, invisible to me,
Wings fluttered incessantly, crickets or cicadas,
I couldn’t tell, but the noise comforted me.

At night when the city sleeps, finally quiet,
I sit on my window, wide awake, listening,
To the sounds of silence, a strange tongue.

This poem was previously published on SpillWords Press.

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