– empty blanket –

Days drag on, stretching into eternity
But I cross sand dunes of time, staggering
Night falls, in half moonlit balconies
A few stars peep out from behind clouds
The whirring of fans bring me back here
But that eerie silence stretches on still
Darkness cloaks me in a hushed ambush

Deprived of sleep, restless, I toss about
Another night folds into my empty blanket
Desperately I try to ignore the haunting
Screams, mere flashbacks of memories past

Missing y’all

I miss people in bursts. Sometimes at 4am or 8pm or 1:34pm, when the noises all settle in the background, as an old door creaks open somewhere far away, the wind blows a dry leaf off the pavement onto the street below, a pigeon perches on the electric pole ruffling its feathers at the crook of its wings. When the evening snacks are served late and the hunger gnaws inside, making me slightly cranky, I wait for something to click. When the angry young neighbour smokes his cigarette and the breeze brings with it the smoke over to my window. That’s when I’m reminded of you all. Those who I have stopped talking to, who has stopped talking to me, who I have grown apart from, friendships I have grown out of, those who were never really that close to me the way I thought they were, those that my mind still tries to avoid thinking of, as though out of habit. Suddenly y’all tumble forth into my room like small children rushing to greet their mums after school, and bring me to a standstill, as our memories together wash me down.