open window

The room on the 10th floor had one window open
The bars were in place, black and iron
Yet the sense of vertigo was strong, like the aroma of black coffee
Each time you glanced down some 30m,
The vision of a frail body plummeting down greeted you
Unaffected by the strange imagery, you looped your legs at the ankle
And somewhere in the back of your mind,
A song played on and on, begging for attention
You longed for a single familiar drag,
Long enough till it filled to the brim of your nose, mouth and eyes
So you sucked in a deep breath, slowly
And let the clouds laden with rain fill you instead
Every time you closed your eyes, wishing to be calm collected patient
A small evil thought prodded you in the ribs, reminding you, I’m here still


Picture Credit: Pexels

A pair of little wings, flapping
Fluttered softly in the breeze.
Gently floating down the streets,
Stopped at windows, peeking in.
Greeting a flower here, visiting
A bud there, coaxing it to bloom.
Spread open its petals, to the sun,
Then landing lightly on the summit,
Dusting pollen grains off its feet.
Spreading colours, it drifts off.
Perhaps, in search of a new friend.