flamingo sunset

Photo: Credits Unknown

The sun was setting low on the beach,
Sinking into the depths of the golden sea.
Motionless, we sat on the sand silently
Unnoticed, the night descended rather quickly.
A flock of flamingos gathered near the shoreline
Stalking crabs, pecking at retreating waves
Flapping their wings, they did a peculiar dance
We sat enchanted, watching the flamingo sunset

– empty blanket –

Days drag on, stretching into eternity
But I cross sand dunes of time, staggering
Night falls, in half moonlit balconies
A few stars peep out from behind clouds
The whirring of fans bring me back here
But that eerie silence stretches on still
Darkness cloaks me in a hushed ambush

Deprived of sleep, restless, I toss about
Another night folds into my empty blanket
Desperately I try to ignore the haunting
Screams, mere flashbacks of memories past

Got featured in an Indian Anthology

Front cover with Title: Of Dry Tongues and Brave Hearts. Picture portraying the human heart inside the head of a woman with flowing wavy hair.
Front Cover
Back cover with a short blurb describing the featured works and an image of a girl with blackened pupils.
Back Cover

Kindly check out this book, Of Dry Tongues and Brave Hearts from Amazon.

I feel extremely honoured and humbled to share with you all today that two of my poems got featured in this collection. There are works of art, pieces of prose, poems and some short stories in this anthology. But the best thing about it is the fact that it’s a completely women led project, starting from contributors to the editors. If you would like to explore a diverse range of contemporary Indian women’s writing, this would be a good start.

Special thanks to editors, Reema and Semeen, for their hardwork, unflinching motivation and immense patience in making our dreams a reality, despite the pandemic and its resulting chaos on the production process of this book.

My featured poems include – The Big Blue, To a lonely ghost

Red River Publications, India, 2021