– empty blanket –

Days drag on, stretching into eternity
But I cross sand dunes of time, staggering
Night falls, in half moonlit balconies
A few stars peep out from behind clouds
The whirring of fans bring me back here
But that eerie silence stretches on still
Darkness cloaks me in a hushed ambush

Deprived of sleep, restless, I toss about
Another night folds into my empty blanket
Desperately I try to ignore the haunting
Screams, mere flashbacks of memories past

another afternoon lost

Afternoons are long, desolate hours
Reminding of another failed attempt,
At preserving leftover memories, scattered
In the breeze, stark against the sunlight.
Like a noose tied around the neck,
Tight and unyielding, time flows slowly.
Yet again, an afternoon begins, repeating
Steadily the loss of today, until tonight
Weaves in again, finally putting to sleep
The mind that cries in despair, darkness prevails.

This poem has been previously published on Elephant Journal.

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