With an eraser, someday, you’ll remove me.
Like lemon rubbed against the stain on a white shirt,
I will be reduced to a faded, once upon a time.
You’ll edit your memories and snip out scenes,
Delete them before you can even feel.
Because confronting it is unwanted discomfort,
Rather let it be forgotten, lost under the heaps,
Of books and old newspaper gatherings.
Just before you finish your novel, research material,
Lying strewn about your desk, not me.
Not my memory, or words, and yet,
Just like that, I will drift back into your mind.
Perhaps as a long lost folk song that rests in our mouth,
Waiting acknowledgement, waiting voice,
I will be but a spectre, waiting for you.
If ever again, you want to remember me,
You need not fumble in the drawers,
Or look behind the doors and inside cupboards.
Just pick up your eraser, stare at its soft edge,
Misshaped by repeated use, and you’ll see me there.
Invisible, effaced, but traces of me might persist,
In what isn’t there, there shall I be.

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20 thoughts on “Eraser

  1. Guten Tag

    Ein Mensch
    der sich in meine Seele nistet
    alles was sie in ihren Tiefen berührt
    kann ich mit keinem Zauber
    auch mit weltlicher Macht
    nicht aus meinem Herzen reissen
    ich bin dem Leben ausgeliefert
    wie ein Stein der vom Berghang fällt
    und da endet am Strand
    in den offenen Mund
    dem schäumenden Meer
    mit allen Geschichten
    in jedem Korn
    im Wellenschlag als Sand
    darin alle Gesichter Begegnungen
    Geschichten Berührungen
    als ein Geheimnis gefangen hält

    Herzliche Grüße


    Good day

    A human
    that nests in my soul
    everything that touches them in their depths
    I can’t do it with any spell
    also with worldly power
    not tear from my heart
    I’m at the mercy of life
    like a stone falling from the mountainside
    and ends there on the beach
    in the open mouth
    the foaming sea
    with all the stories
    in every grain as sand
    in the waves
    in it all faces meet
    Stories of touch
    imprisons a secret

    Best regards

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  2. Hey, can I just say, you’re an amazing writer? The way you can include so many metaphors yet make it flow so beautifully is just, wow. Amazing, Shruba. There’s so much nostalgia in this one, and I love it so much ❤

    Liked by 3 people

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