Original Traditional Watercolour

It’s dark around me and damp, the moisture sits like tremulous beads of sweat near my feet. I can’t see anything but I can feel this heavy burden constantly pressing down on my head. It urges me to reach up, to grab anything and slowly crawl out. But the pressure of the vast sky is just too much to resist, the wind that blows around somewhere maybe inches overhead still pushes me further inside. The heaps of layers of soil underneath which I lie buried and covered up has become hard and won’t budge no matter how much I try to wriggle out through the gaps. After hours of struggling around I stop to take a breath, the air inside the soil is dense, little bubbles that I can suck in bit by bit only. But I want more. I want the breeze to touch me, play with my hands and blow in between my fingers. I want the sun to shine on me and the rain to fall all over me. I want to open my mouth and taste the raindrops and scream and whistle in joy. I want to get out and breath and laugh. So I start pushing again and again. After days of crawling around in the mud, one of my fingers break through the uppermost layer of soil and I feel alive for the first time. I know it will take me days, maybe months to grow taller and have more leaves but tonight I shall rejoice because I’m free for once.

25 thoughts on “Birth

    • Aww that is such a sweet coincidence. It just shows some thoughts are universal no matter where you are, humans do think alike to extent. I wrote this a month ago in response to my friend’s prompt about struggle to survive I think, I might be wrong. I have forgotten, but I love what came out of that exercise and thought of adding it to my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope your five year old enjoys the book too! Reading to kids is an amazing activity. New readers in the making. Hugs for the little one. ☺☺💜

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    • Thank you so much. I tried what it would be like and imagining something I’m not while also keeping the identity a surprise till the end seemed a challenge but I enjoyed it. ☺🖤

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    • This was actually written in response to word prompt by my friend Rupsa, but she isn’t on wordpress. I was so grateful to her for giving word prompts now and then. It does help sometimes to move out of a block. Thanks for reading!! ☺☺🖤

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      • That’s such a cool word prompt! They really do help with writer’s block, I agree. You’re welcome! 😊🖤

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    • Damn, where did I read this before. I’m very bad at quotes, they always sound familiar but I can never place the right name of the person who said it 🙈💜

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      • As far as I remember, Christianopoulos wrote a small couplet back in 1978, which was included in the collection – The Body and the Wormwood which was translated into English by Prof. Nicholas Kostis.

        The couplet reads:
        what didn’t you do to bury me
        but you forgot that I was a seed

        This got transformed into – “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds”. Now, this circulates in various platforms. Nevertheless, I feel it has so much depth in it and thank you for reminding me of this quote through your poem.

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      • Oh yes!! I’m sure I probably saw it circulated in media then. I had never heard of this backstory. Pretty nice now that you related it. Aaaa I’m so proud to have a reader like you. Got to know something beautiful today 💜💜🤩


      • Thank you, Shruba. Like you mentioned in one of your comments about prioritizing certain writer. I look up to your poetry because it gives me a sense of enlightenment and wakes me up to jot down yet another piece. So, kudos to you who proves to be a wonderful poet. Hope to see your book in future. I am proud of you too. Blessings.

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      • Ah yes, I actually felt bad telling her that but it was painfully riddled with grammatical errors. I try to read and check out all my followers works but after a point you have to somehow prioritize because there is only so much time you can spare on reading and keeping up-to-date with other people’s blog and while I would want to ideally read everyone’s every posts, I figured it’s impossible. Sighs.
        Aww thanks. I do hope I can write a book worth publishing someday 🖤🙈


  1. I love how the sensory details that are so natural feel very familiar to life experiences. Im so impressed and delighted by the composition of this piece and the messages that it conveys. Words like “growth” or “birth” are vastly too simple to express the pain and suffocating feeling that is required to progress and scratch at our freedom in reality.

    Love the wisdom in your writings 🙂 I feel like I just get schooled and need to take a long walk for reflection every time I read lemongrass!!

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    • Aww. No, I’m anything but wise. 🙈😂
      But I’m really lucky to find such encouraging friends and to be involved in Kahana because of you. Thank you so much 🥺🥺


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