a bunch of old bus tickets

Bombay BEST bus tickets

Just before emptying the bin, I had a habit of rummaging inside, looking for forgotten things that I might after all want to keep. It was a strange habit that my mother often disapproved of. “Why do you keep throwing things away only to pick them up?!” She would ask me, exasperated. I wonder why indeed. It could be my indecisiveness, my inability to decide for certain whether something was still of use to me or not. Or it could be my naive wish to find a gateway, a connection to the times lost. The bunch of old bus tickets that fell flat on my palm had two tiny holes punctured in the middle, marking its validity as a pass to grant me permit as I travelled across the city perhaps dozing on and off in my seat. I evened out the pieces of thin paper on my table, blue, green, black and orange against the wood. It fluttered slightly in the wind, faded numbers hardly perceptible, and yet I couldn’t find it within me to discard them. It doesn’t really occupy much space, what’s the harm? I sneaked a glance around, looking out for mother again before pocketing it. I’d rather keep it inside my diary in memories of another time, a few days somewhere lost in transit.

31 thoughts on “a bunch of old bus tickets

  1. Shruba you have no idea how much I love your writing! Just, wow. You capture the nostalgia so well! ❤
    I also have a habit of keeping everything. It’s so hard to let go of little trinkets like that, that hold so many memories!

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    • Wow, you are absolutely correct about that, nostalgia is in itself a journey from our present to the past and these small things are literally the only connection that links the two separate time periods together. Thanks for reading, Vrinda! You’re so encouraging. 🥰😁

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  2. Somewhere lost in transit…I love this line and as a transit user myself, your post brings back fond memories…and of course, I have my own small collection of thin paper bus tickets hailing from Mexico and San Francisco!

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    • That’s so sweet, you seem like a sentimental person just like me haha. We are sensitive souls and when it comes to otherwise useless objects we put a value to those by associations. 🥰☺

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  3. In my case, I also kept a number of plane tickets, finding them in different places. Some have opened memories of the places I’ve flew. Others ended in the garbage. I think those tickets of the pasts should be kept in our memories.

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