Finding Friends Among Strangers – Shrubaboti Bose

We are delighted to bring you the poem “Finding Friends among Strangers” by Shrubaboti Bose. This piece was an ode to a group of juniors at her university, who embraced her within their social circle and made her feel like one of their own at one point. We love how this poem celebrates the impact […]

Finding Friends Among Strangers – Shrubaboti Bose

4 thoughts on “Finding Friends Among Strangers – Shrubaboti Bose

  1. Congrats on getting your work featured on other websites!! That’s so awesome and you 100% deserve it 😃
    But also, the poem is beautiful! Lots of nostalgia and buried emotions, but wrapped up beautifully in the end. Love it so much ♥

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    • Thank you so much for checking it out in the link. I was hesitating to put it up here because I felt people might not be interested enough to open the links. You’re so sweet! Also, it’s a beautiful journal, if you’re a young writer you should totally submit there too! ❤❤

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